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M&S VMAG, Nepal’s first video magazine, is the runaway market leader in Nepal’s next-gen media sector. A constantly evolving company, VMAG reads the modern Nepali’s pulse and responds with programming that has not only set the benchmark with its inimitable quality, but also continually raises that bar higher. Today, VMAG has also started collaborating with contributing creators. The modern Nepali consumer is a worldly wise consumer because of their exposure to international content of the highest quality. While other Nepali content producers struggle to meet the demand of Nepali consumers, VMAG has remained an exception to that rule.  Not content with just being the market leader, VMAG seeks to continue changing with the changing market dynamics. That’s why VMAG has already evolved into a platform that showcases cutting-edge content created and curated from only the best sources and born of collaborations with Nepal’s finest artists and multimedia producers. VMAG’s videos are uploaded five days a week to the company’s YouTube channel.

Always on the Cutting Edge

VMAG started out, in 2013, as M&S, a pull-out entertainment weekly of The Kathmandu Post. In 2016, the outlet became a part of Movers and Shakers, and since then it has continued to evolve in response to the demands of the  cosmopolitan Nepali consumer. Today, VMAG is Nepal’s most complete video magazine—known for providing a complete 360 entertainment experience, and for experimenting with genres, run-times and presentation techniques to create an unmatchable experience for its viewers and the most rewarding media platform for advertisers.


Saurabh Pahari - CEO

There is perhaps no better person to lead VMAG than Saurabh Pahari. VMAG is a new-media platform that consistently produces popular shows that  today’s Nepalis demand. The discerning Nepali is a global citizen who keeps abreast with the latest media trends in the world, but who, at the same time, also values his Nepali identity in this post-modern global milieu. The CEO and Co-founder of VMAG thus needs to know quite a bit about the media trends around the world as well the media machinery in Nepal. Saurabh has worked all his life in the media. He has worked as a content generator,   designed programming and managed the business and finance teams of media outfits. And his radar is perennially trained to the latest waves of video trends emanating anywhere in the world.

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Main Segments

Hunger Hunt

Hunger Hunt is Nepal’s most popular food-review show. When it started airing, in 2016, it was the first programme of its kind in the country. Its primary focus is to explore unique local cuisines and authentic Nepali flavours, most usually as offered by small eateries. The show features host Oshin Sitaula, who breaks down the menu items of the places she visits, often bringing to light the eatery’s history, business practices and the owner’s life journey too. So popular has been the show that many VMAG viewers watch it regularly to plan their foodie adventures around town.

The Review Show

The Review Show, hosted by Biraj Singh Chettri, is all about the latest gadgets and automobiles available in the Nepali market. Besides reviewing gadgets and automobiles, the show occasionally also reviews shops and business entities working with interesting products and providing innovative services. The Review Show differentiates itself from other review-based shows by focusing exclusively on products that are easily available to Nepali consumers, and because it tests how products fare in Nepal’s conditions: for instance, in the auto reviews, they performance-test vehicles on Nepal’s harsh terrain and challenging topography.


Mapping Nepal

In Mapping Nepal, the show’s crew travel to various destinations within Nepal and showcase for viewers the places’ many charms. The show usually delves into a place’s history, economy and culture. Oftentimes, the crew will also interview locals who delineate for viewers the stories that have shaped the identity of the place. By exploring destinations both popular and secreted away from popular consciousness, Mapping Nepal seeks to encourage more travellers to explore Nepal’s many trails and live its many cultures.


Mic-drop is VMAG’s stand-up comedy event platform that brings together some of Nepal’s best fledgeling comics to perform before a live audience. Mic-drop’s mission is to help grow standup comedy as a genre through which Nepalis will learn to laugh at their own shortcomings and foibles and emerge as more aware citizens.


In Tete-a-Tete, the VMAG host converses with the leading public figures in Nepal—from music producers and media personalities to social scientists and businessmen. In the show, guests discuss their profession as well as various industry tips and techniques, which the viewers too can make use of in their day-to-day life.

The Future

In the very near future, VMAG will be offering a plethora of new shows. These shows will largely be created by contributors—many of whom are regarded as the best in the new-media industry. The programmes will run the gamut from short films and a web series to chain-narratives whose segments are developed and executed by a new director every new episode.

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