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Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly wary of traditional ATL advertisement campaigns. But in recent years, creative agencies around the world have come up with digital-marketing strategies that seek to circumvent audience cynicism and get brand-messaging into the consumers’ consciousness. The most popular such strategy is infuencer-marketing, wherein celebrities and public figures advertise (over social-media platforms) the products and services on behalf of brands. In Nepal, Uptrendly was the first, and is the most successful, influencer-marketing company. It works with brands to find just the right influencer who embodies the brand’s ethos and whose social-media posts will help increase the brand equity. After brand and influencer have been matched, Uptrendly continues to work with both the brand and the influencer to improve synergy between the two and to ensure a seamless work-relationship between them. No other branding company in Nepal offers the plethora of branding opportunities that Uptrendly does, and perhaps no other will, because Uptrendly continues to trend ever upwards.

How Uptrendly Works

When a company requests Uptrendly to match them with an influencer, Uptrendly first does two things: they thoroughly research the company’s products and brand identity; and then they thoroughly research influencers and their social-media activity. Uptrendly already works with more than 300 influencers and more than a hundred companies; meaning, in most cases, they can come up with just the perfect match. Uptrendly then approaches both the influencer and the client company, and works out the best deal for both parties. The company usually pays the influencer on the basis of the reach the influencer’s posts achieve, but more bespoke arrangements can be created too. Before starting the social-media campaign, Uptrendly shows both the influencer and the client company what the influencer can do with company products to increase reach and engagement. Uptrendly’s social- media experts have at their fingertips the latest SEO knowhow, data about successful engagement campaigns and knowledge about how the influencer and product should be featured on social-media posts. Uptrendly campaigns achieve far more reach than do jacket ads in all the national dailies combined.


Highest impressions achieved by a single post (all influencers combined)

Highest reached achieved by a single post

Average impressions


Uptrendly is also involved in managing celebrities. That is, they handle the celebrities’ social media pages, find celebrities for client companies’ BTL campaigns and provide suggestions to celebrities that will help them improve their personal brand. Uptrendly believes that the market will soon understand that influencer marketing is not a y-by-night idea but the new big thing in advertising. Furthermore, the company is already laying the groundwork for transforming itself into a one-stop platform for all manner of advertising and branding options. And once Uptrendly has fully tapped the Nepali market, it seeks to provide its services beyond Nepal’s borders.

Monayac Karki represents a perfect mix of entrepreneur, salesman and business visionary. He started experimenting with being an entrepreneur very early on in life. Indeed, he was just 15 when he came up with his first business deal—selling hard-to- find black shorts to the kids in his school, Little Angels’ School, Lalitpur. And when he was 19, he decided to put his business acumen to use by setting up an events company— Royal Events. The company used to organise events of all sorts—parties, concerts and so on. During the course of making a media-partnership pitch at Kantipur, the marketing team at Kantipur were so wowed by his salesman skills that he was offered a job at the publication. From there, it was only a matter of few months before Monayac was dreaming up new ideas that he could bring to fruition with Sambhav Swar Sirohiya. And by 2016, Monayac was already setting up companies inside the M&S ecosystem.

Monayac is unflappable, even in the face of pressure. He doesn’t break a sweat when dealing with vehicle breakdowns in the mountains or if he has to urge influencers to go the extra mile when clients make last- minute changes to their campaign.

Monayac Karki - CEO

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