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A recent addition to the Movers and Shakers fold, Quantum is a creative communications company with the intellectual wherewithal and inventive expertise to deliver a multitude of storytelling solutions that encompasses everything from brand strategy and advertising to literature, multimedia content and films. Quantum is driven by the principle that potential is determined by perception – the product of the prevailing narrative. Quantum takes creative charge of the narrative and uses compelling communication techniques to strategically shape perception to influence audience outcomes.

The importance of brand identity

Quantum respects core brand identity and constancy over branding tactics served in desperation to an ever-fickle market. Quantum believes that a brand’s success is determined primarily by the strength and individuality of its identity and its ability to consistently communicate this identity in a manner that is engaging, interactive and memorable.

Communicating through stories

Great storytelling is imperative to how a brand portrays itself. The art of storytelling has existed since the dawn of civilisation: from the days of the early cavemen, who illustrated on the walls of their caves the stories about their lives. Storytelling never fails—if the story is told right. Modern-day advertising can be seen as a completely novel game. But it’s still informed by the art and essence of storytelling and the power of the narrative. Like the most loved songs – irrespective of the lyrics, when it comes to the chorus, everyone’s singing along.

At Quantum, we know that the conclusion is the last resort of the informed. Nothing and everything is as it seems. Even that which we imagine to be objective is the subject of a squillion subtle narratives, says Terence.

Terence D’Costa has two decades of advertising, design and creative experience and has conceptualised, scripted and directed over a hundred commercials. Having trained within and worked with Lowe Lintas India, Terence has a thorough knowledge of brand and communication strategy. His core strengths include his ability to analyse, comprehend and simplify reams of information and turn them into compelling communications – be it film, documentary, print campaign or presentation. An avid thinker, writer, portrait photographer and creativity trainer, Terence nurtures a gargantuan appetite for literature and film. On the high wire between the mundane and the make-believe, it’s barely unusual to find him nibbling on quantum physics or the odd slice of nonsense verse.

Terence D'Costa - CEO

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