VMag is an online television network that creates original content, catered to Nepali’s growing rate of internet consumption and hunger for high quality, visual content.


VMAG (Video Magazine) is an online television network that creates original content, catered to Nepalis’ growing rates of internet consumption and hunger for high quality visual content.


VMAG’s vision is to become the leading source of online Nepali content (created and curated) that is disseminated via social platforms, at a level of quality that is on par with international production standards. Our target audience is the global Nepali diaspora and people interested in Nepal .


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Multi-Faceted Content

VMAG publishes multifaceted content through 6 shows, namely Snap News, Hunger Hunt, No Filter, Hangouts, Mapping Nepal and Mic Drop.

Youth Centric Content

VMAG’s content caters to a wide range of audiences, particularly the youth, with an emphasis on local tourism, food hunts and reviews of restaurants, dissemination of news, stand up comedy, podcasts, and raw unscripted conversations.

Hunger Hunt

Hunger Hunt has popularized small restaurants and eateries through its show, which has significantly impacted such businesses positively

Maping Nepal

Mapping Nepal provides insight on local travel destinations, which not only increases the scope of domestic tourism for such places but also fetches an increased rate of economic activity for the locals, thus positively impacting their livelihood.

Snap News

Snap News familiarizes the youth with headline current affairs and news, which helps them stay updated with the world around them, in a matter of a few minutes.

Mic Drop

Mic drop uses comedy and laughter to bring people together while Hangouts and No Filter use universal human emotions, thoughts and ideas to spark a feeling of hope and togetherness among like minded individuals.

Saurabh Pahari


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