Udhyami Innovations

Udhyami Innovations is an entrepreneurship oriented ecosystem builder which aims to become the first institutional contact point for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Udhyami Innovations is an entrepreneurship oriented ecosystem builder, which works closely with various stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including academia, government, financial institutions, investment companies, senior entrepreneurs and business experts; with the ultimate aim of building a thriving environment for entrepreneurship in Nepal.


Udhyami Innovations envisions to become the first institutional contact point for aspiring entrepreneurs in Nepal, with an added emphasis on boosting their company’s resourcefulness to a level where they can accommodate and support entrepreneurial aspirants from every sector, to help transform their dreams into reality. Over time, they would like to expand their innovation centers, number of mentors and have an increased access to seed capital.


88+ startup

Teams consisting of two to four members developed till date through Udhyami Seed Camps

50 + sponsors

Including corporate partners engaged in the promotion of the startup eco-system

30+ women entrepreneur

Supported on their startup journeys through Udhyami Seedcamp

260+ entrepreneurs

Working in more than 70 startups successfully empowered

70+ coaches

Available consisting of entrepreneurs and sectoral experts

3 Interventions

Udhyami Innovations works with potential entrepreneurs to help actualize their innovative and disruptive ideas into reality through 3 interventions.

The first one “Inspire Innovations” runs a talk program Udhyami Talks which fosters highly focused interactions between entrepreneurs and graduating students.

“Nurture Innovation” runs an entrepreneurship bootcamp Udhyami Seed Camp which is a platform which helps convert their ideas into strong business models.

Lastly, “Corporate Innovation” is a mechanism which facilitates close work among organizations and corporations.

International Skill Transfer

Its flagship program Udhyami Seed Camp helps early stage startups and entrepreneurs validate, refine and develop their ideas into viable businesses, with the added opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential seed investors.

Skill Enhancement

Currently , Udhyami Innovations conducts 4 different seed camps focused on women led enterprises, tech enabled business ideas, tourism and agriculture respectively.

Kavi Raj Joshi

MD & Co-Founder

Kavi is an entrepreneur, early stage investor and startup ecosystem builder in Nepal. Founding and managing multiple startup bootcamps, incubation programs, a business accelerator and investors network in Nepal, Kavi has been on a mission to make entrepreneurship accessible to more people. Starting with the first platform in 2011, his initiatives and ventures together have formed a strong support system for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business in Nepal.