Omaago is a canteen service company which provides their service to corporate houses and other institutions.


Omaago is a canteen service company that functions in a B2B2C model. The company currently provides canteen/cafeteria operations for corporate houses and institutions. Co-existing alongside restaurants and the F&B industry, Omaago has a fresh business model that prioritizes affordability, hygiene, consistency, and speed - factors that are equally important to end-consumers and decision-makers in corporate settings who are charged with oversight of employees’ nutritional needs.


Omaago’s vision is to create a serviced canteen chain in Nepal. With strong and consistent operating procedures governing operations across all of our outlets, Omaago is on its way to becoming a trusted brand, trailblazing customized canteen services for corporate houses and other institutions.


1500+ meals

Currently serving everyday around Kathmandu City

Jeff Bezos


In the mid 19th century, Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Awadh, was exiled to Kolkata. He brought with him cuisines that his ancestors and their royal cooks had perfected over generations. And among them, the biryani was further perfected in Kolkata. The biryani, perhaps more than any other Indian dish, represents the perfect amalgam of the subcontinent’s flavours. It thus stands to reason that the Nawab and his kitchen ustads devoted so much energy and resources to refining this dish—which became the prototype for today’s Kolkata Biryani. Omaago’s biryani traces its lineage to that dish perfected by Wajid Ali Shah.