Next Venture Corp

NEXT Venture Corp. is a growth platform that operates a business accelerator (‘Launchpad”) that works with founders and high-potential companies, at post-revenue stages.


NEXT Venture Corp. (or “NEXT”) is a growth platform that operates a business accelerator (“Launchpad”) that works with Founders and high-potential companies, at post-revenue stages. “Launchpad” is NEXT’s accelerator platform and aims to operate 2 cohorts per year. Related to its core acceleration activities, NEXT also operates a flagship program known as the “NEXT Growth Conclave”. This event is credited with igniting the startup culture in Nepal and has helped focus local and regional entrepreneurs, fund managers, and founders on Nepal’s startup ecosystem.


Our vision is to avail growth resources to high potential companies and entrepreneurs in Nepal. NEXT aims to become the go-to early stage platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup teams in the Nepali venture/SME ecosystem.



And SMEs successfully accelerated

154 %

Growth in investment since 2018


Next Launchpad

Successfully operated 2 (four month) batches of it’s flagship business accelerator program Next Launchpad.

Nepal Innovation Challenge

Introduced the first corporate innovation program, “Nepal Innovation Challenge” in partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund.

Venture Talk

Hosted 3 200+ entrepreneurs at Venture Talk.

Accelerator Program

Next Launchpad, the accelerator program helped entrepreneurs firm up their fledgeling companies, streamline their management and marketing strategies, scale production, enhance productivity and find investors.

Growth Conclave

NEXT routinely organizes an annual growth conclave to bring investors, local and international startup mavens and budding startups in a single platform

Insights & Stories

NEXT allows successful global entrepreneurs to share their insights and growth stories to new generations of Nepali entrepreneurs.

Enterprises Accelerated by NEXT

Margo Nepal, Home Automation Nepal, Farm to Finger, Restro Order, Nepal Packaging and Cool Storage, Sajilo School Manager, Lunch Hour, Fit Box, Admana, TechLakh, Eagle Eye IT Service, Trident Concept, Krishak Ra Prabidhi, Voxcrow, and Red Circle Creative Solutions.

Milestones & Impact (NEXT Launchpad)


Including high potential startups and small businesses successfully accelerated

120 +

Robust network of national and international mentors

66 % companies

Received follow up funding

200 + jobs

Direct jobs created by the portfolio companies

20 + sectoral

Experts involved in the program

10 +


10 % enablers

And corporate partners

100 % growth

of the accelerated companies that are now generating revenue

Milestones & Impact (NEXT Growth Conclave)


Launched at the Kickstart Hill

93 startups

Showcased in the Startup Valley

110 +

National and international media outlets provided coverage

49 global speakers

Provided guidance of budiding local entrepreneur

45 sponsors

And corporate partners engaged

215 investors

Participated in the Investor Lounge

12 countries

Represented by participants at the event

3200 entrepreneurs


Kavi Raj Joshi

MD & Co-Founder

Kavi is an entrepreneur, early stage investor and startup ecosystem builder in Nepal. Founding and managing multiple startup bootcamps, incubation programs, a business accelerator and investors network in Nepal, Kavi has been on a mission to make entrepreneurship accessible to more people. Starting with the first platform in 2011, his initiatives and ventures together have formed a strong support system for entrepreneurs to start and grow their business in Nepal.