MNS Events

The vision of M&S Events is to generate outsized value for Nepal’s tourism industry by innovating curated events on a foundation of asset-light business models.


MNS Events is a signature event organizer that hosts two events per year. One is a music festival and the other, an adventure expedition.


The vision of MNS Events is to generate outsized value for Nepal’s tourism industry by innovating curated events on a foundation of asset-light business models. We aim to become the go-to company with a portfolio of the best tourism experiences that Nepal has to offer. Our differentiation rests on a principled commitment to a light foot-print.

With the aim to discover and rediscover new forms of potential expeditions, travel routes and tourism activities in both popular and untouched Nepalese terrain, the company aspires to host a suite of signature events that generate unique experiences for participants and attendees, helping boost sustainable tourism and promote different aspects of Nepali culture.

“Color Republic” - the music festival - is a one of a kind event that is held on the “Holi” holiday and has hosted a cumulative 20k+ attendees over four iterations. “Imagine Nepal” - the tourism expedition - has introduced over 500 customers, over three iterations, to exotic destinations in the most remote corners of Nepal. Both events have been meticulously choreographed and executed excursions.

Milestones (Imagine Nepal)

1,000,000+ views

Garnered on social media platforms inpiring National and International travel enthusiasts to explore Nepal


Helped Local Economies

Helped increase local tourism to remote areas in Nepal allowing local communities to generate additional supplementary income.

Promotion of Untouched Destinations

Imagine Nepal is focused on expanding the scope of Nepali tourism by organizing week long off road travel expeditions to non-commercial and untouched travel destinations such as Manang, Rara & Lo manthang, all of which are detailed in extensive documentaries and travel vlogs.

Milestones (Color Republic)

12,000+ attendees

One of the first companies to initiate the concept of music festivals and large scale holi celebration events in Nepal which have witnessed an average attendance of around 3000 participants.


Promotes Unity and Solidarity

Color Republic's Holi celebration unites people from diverse backgrounds from Nepal and abroad, with music acting as a primary unifying force, which is further supplemented by a safe environment for bonding and togetherness.

Preserves Traditional Arts and Culture

Color Republic employs the use of Nepali art and artefacts when designing and executing stage and venue decorations at its event, helping contemporize local traditions, cultures and religious festivals.

Monayac Karki


Monayac is unflappable, even in the face of pressure. He doesn’t break a sweat when dealing with vehicle breakdowns in the mountains or if he has to urge influencers to go the extra mile when clients make last- minute changes to their campaign.