Innovation Hive

Innovation Hive provides a menu of ready to move in co-working and communal spaces to their clients.


Innovation Hive provides a menu of ready to move in co-working and communal spaces to meet the needs of individual freelancers, large corporations, multinationals, and SMEs operating in Nepal. Our approach is to lease traditional real estate assets and convert them into flexible floor plans under the same brand and using the same SOPs and guidelines to ensure consistency and quality.


Innovation Hive believes fundamentally that the needs of the future workforce cannot be met using traditional, fixed, long term leases where managing facilities, maintenance, utilities, etc. remains the responsibility of the leasee. Our vision is to cater to the emerging business-class of digital nomads, tech-infused SMEs, and corporates that are in search of intrapreneurship opportunities, flexible lease terms, and prepared to pay a premium to ensure that non-core needs (facilities, etc.) are handled on their behalf.


50+ Clients

From multiple sectors provided with working space. Companies include the likes of F1Soft, Impetus and BerryBites

300+ Stations

In four locations across Kathmandu that are ready to plug and play for budding entrepreneurs


Central Management

Innovation Hive provides a centrally managed administrative and operational structure for startups and new businesses, allowing them to focus on growth through reducing administrative, operational and rental cost.

Networking Opportunity

The networking opportunities provided by Innovation Hive are unparalleled because it is located in a building alongside 18 other Movers and Shakers verticals.


Innovation Hive provides flexibility to companies to invest in work space as per their recruitment needs rather than paying a traditional annual or monthly bulk price for unused space.

Jeff Bezos


I’ve published a lot of words this week, including a feature in the current issue of Fortune on the evolution of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon (AMZN), as a leader. I thought I’d end the week with some words from Bezos himself from my interview with him in Seattle on March 10.