Sroth Code Games

Sroth Code is Nepal’s first fully fledged game design and game development company.


Sroth Code Games (or “Sroth Code”) is a tech-development company that creates games and interactive entertainment products for consumption on mobile platforms and PCs.


Sroth Code aims to become Nepal’s first fully-fledged game development company that creates original titles for mobile platforms, PCs, and it’s own flagship game, “Chronicles of the Himalayas”. The company envisions growing into a platform that can offer outsourced (offshored) capabilities to mainstream game developers in more advanced markets.

The Problem

Rather than solving a specific problem, Sroth Code aims to help create and consolidate the niche gaming market in Nepal. The company will also help push the boundaries on what Nepalsese tech companies developing SaaS solutions, can achieve in the local, regional and eventually, the global stage.

Milestones & Impact

Research & Development

One of the first gaming companies to rigorously conduct R&D on the scope, financial viability and scalability of game designing, game development and monetization of digital/gaming content in Nepal.

Release of Hakku Run (Game)

Sroth Coders are trailblazer in the Nepalese game designing and game development industry with the initial release and success of games like Hakku Run.

Chronicles of Himalayas (Game)

Currently working on the creation of Nepal’s first flagship subscription based mobile gaming product named “Chronicles of the Himalayas” which has already garnered positive attention and response from around the globe for Sroth.

Other Game Development

Development of 24 casual and hyper casual games out of which some have been accepted by publishers, with additional possibility of one game being published internationally this year, which would make Sroth Code Games the first Nepali gaming company to reach the international milestone.


Inspired 7-8 domestic gaming companies to emerge in the market post Sroth Code’s widespread local presence and acceptance in Nepal.

Creation of Marketplace

Over time, Sroth Code Games aims to create a marketplace where 16 million Nepalese can purchase small digital products from anywhere in the world, allowing digital content creators to monetize their craft. Sroth is also initiating the concept of Game Room Project in Nepal, allowing people to use their mobile balance to purchase digital products.

Collaboration Opportunity

A sectoral pioneer, Sroth Code Gamers has created a work culture for designers and game developers within Nepal, fostering the development of a collaborative coding ecosystem.

Uttam Adhikari


Sroth Code Games is led by Uttam Adhikari, who together with Uday Gurung, co-founded the company. The two first met in 2015, when they were both involved in relief operations for the victims of the 2015 earthquakes. When Uday learned that Uttam was running a camp for coders, called Sroth Code Camp, Uday decided to enroll for classes. There, Uttam, who had already worked as a web developer for more than seven years, learned that Uday (who also has a background in coding) shared his passion for gaming.