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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that good ideas and promising startups need great nurturing and the optimal sustainable support system. NEXT Venture Corp was conceived to meet that need in Nepal’s startup sphere—to help entrepreneurs firm up their fledgeling companies, streamline their management and marketing strategies, scale production, enhance productivity and find investors on their behalf, if need be. Through its accelerator programme, Launchpad, NEXT Venture Corp has already helped a clutch of companies get to the next level and will continue working with all manner of trailblazing companies that seek to disrupt existing markets in Nepal and abroad. Through its annual Growth Conclave, it brings together prospective investors, startup mavens (from Nepal and abroad) and budding startups at a lively platform. And through its Venture Talk series, successful business people teach the basics of business and the economy to the new generation of Nepali entrepreneurs.

NEXT Launchpad

NEXT Launchpad is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator programme that prepares entrepreneurs for growth. At the launchpad, entrepreneurs with early stage businesses go through three months of intensive learning and business-model refining with Venture Corp’s mentors, experts, entrepreneurs-in-residence and investors. And in the course of being embedded in the programme, the companies also gain exposure and develop valuable networks. At the start of the accelerator programme, pre-existing businesses that have been operating for at least a year apply for incubation slots. These businesses are usually relatively new in the market, but they need help connecting with investors or to overcome roadblocks they have faced. The companies selected then go through three months of acceleration. And the programme concludes with the Demo Day. On this day, the entrepreneurs pitch their companies to investors, in order to secure funding. And even after their companies are funded, Launchpad’s alumni programmes continue to provide long-term value to the accelerated ventures. Some enterprises launched by NEXT Launchpad are Margo Nepal, Home Automation Nepal, Farm to Finger, Danfe Solution, Nepal Packaging and Cool Storage (NPAC), and Eton Technology.

Margo Nepal bottles the nectars of naturally grown fruits sourced from pristine orchards in the Himalayas and sells them as Falfull juices across Nepal. Home Automation Nepal develops and deploys technology that users can employ to automate smart gadgets such as air conditioners, light dimmers, temperature controllers and so on in their house. Farm to Finger is a supply-chain management company that executes efficient models for procuring farm products that are popular in far-flung areas across Nepal and delivering them to consumers. Danfe Solution develops restaurant-management and hotel-management software that streamline everything from inventory management and supply-chain oversight to customer-restaurant interfacing options.

NPAC seeks to change how the kiwi fruit is cultivated and marketed in Nepal, enhance the quality of the produce to meet international-quality standards, and develop local, as well as global, markets for the company’s high-value kiwi. Eton Technology is a software and mobile-app development company that delivers innovative software solutions. Currently, the company offers a school-management system, a library-management system, an RFID attendance system and several other IT solutions.

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Corporate Partnerships

The Managing Director and Co-founder of NEXT Venture Corp, Kavi Raj Joshi, has been on a mission to help build an active entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal since 2011, when he founded a business incubator for student entrepreneurs, called Entrepreneurs’ Lab (E-Lab), at Kathmandu University. That same year, Kavi also initiated E-Talk, a knowledge-sharing and networking platform for entrepreneurs. While studying Marketing and Finance at the Kathmandu University School of Management, Kavi also took out a student loan from his university and made his first investment in a startup. He found the process of working with budding entrepreneurs and helping them grow their enterprises so rewarding, that he decided to work in a similar capacity for the rest of his life. In 2012, Kavi co-founded Asian Ventures with Movers and Shakers, to develop a mentorship and angel-investment ecosystem in Nepal. He also started, an online platform to showcase the startup community of Nepal and facilitate startup-investor connections. In 2014, Kavi joined Movers and Shakers to start NEXT Venture Corp, which operates a business-accelerator programme, among others. NEXT Venture Corp has today become Nepal’s leading support system for Nepali entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Kavi Raj Joshi - Managing Director and Co-Founder

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