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Nepal’s leading 100% pure fruit juice brand

The fruit-juice packets that line the shelves of most stores in Nepal can be regarded as healthful products only if one disregards their content. While it’s true that they do contain vitamins, they are also flavoured by a host of added chemicals and sugar. Falfull juices, produced by Margo Nepal, contain nothing but the natural juice of fruits sourced from orchards across Nepal.

“A bottle of Falfull is the juice of fruits pressed into a see-through vessel: drinking A bottle of Falfull tantamounts to sinking your teeth into fresh fruit and squeezing its contents into your system.” – Nischal Hirachan

Today’s Nepali consumers have begun to understand that a juice needs to be as healthful as possible. That is why for those in the know, Falfull’s juices have become the go-to tasty, health drink that they swear by. And that is why Falfull continues to see such a high demand.

Today, Falfull sells its two juice varieties—Apple and Apricot—via more than 300 partnering distributors across Nepal, over online platforms such as Bhojdeals and Cheers, through stalls at farmers’ markets, and via the company’s social-media platforms.  A bottle of Falfull is the juice of fruits pressed into a see-through vessel—drinking a bottle of Falfull tantamounts to sinking your teeth into fresh fruit and squeezing its contents into your system.

The process of creating these healthy juices takes place at the Falfull factory in Kirtipur, Kathmandu, and at the factory run by the Ama Samuha in Marpha. At these factories, the freshest fruits are diced, pressed in extremely sanitary boilers, heated (at 90 degree Celsius) in order to pasteurise the filtrate, and the filtrate is then sealed into bottles, which have been heated to 90 degree Celsius too. The heating and sealing processes ensure that a bottle of Falfull achieves a shelf life of at least one year. Margo also plans to use the fruit residue to generate revenue: by selling it as feed for farm animals. Since its inception, Falfull has been met with overwhelming positive market response. Indeed, in the initial days, they had to expedite their factory-expansion schedule from two years to six months, to meet market demand. In recognition of their growth, in 2017, Margo Nepal was awarded the Brand Leadership Award by the World Federation of Marketing Professionals. The company has also already focus-group tested orange, guava and passion-fruit juices. And now, they are planning to source many varieties of fruits from various parts of Nepal, press them and roll out these new bottles soon. Furthermore, all juice varieties will henceforth be sold in the retail market too. Margo Nepal’s ability to adapt quickly to ever-changing consumer demand gives it a clear advantage over the established FMCG companies.

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Nischal Hirachan, CEO and Co-founder of Margo Nepal, loves solving market riddles that stump most other businessmen. And he loves his ancestral hometown of Marpha, from which he sources the fruits that go into making Falfull. Put those two inclinations together, and it’s easy to see why Falfull has found such success. Nischal lives in Kathmandu, but he regularly visits Marpha. During one of his visits, he came across locals squeezing apple juice, bottling it and selling the bottles along the trekking trail. He realised the product could do well in Kathmandu, and hatched a plan to bring the juice to the capital.  In 2013, he brought back 600 bottles to Kathmandu and sold all of them. With things looking up, he put down the money, got his logistics in place and found a partner to run a bigger venture. After the 2015 earthquakes, however, he hit a roadblock. His partner backed out, leaving his young business in tatters. Nischal was so devastated that he thought about quitting the business altogether and moving out of the country. But he did want to give the juice business one more shot, and Movers & Shakers was more than ready to work with him on that idea.That very year, he began rolling out apricot juice too. Through all the trials and tribulations, Nischal has stuck to his belief that Nepalis will always want healthy drinks, and that belief is paying the dividend of ever-rising demand.

Nischal Hirachan - CEO, Co-Founder

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