Metro Tarkari is an online grocery store that is reinventing the farm-to-fork value chain in Nepal. We deliver fresh, high-quality produce sourced from a vetted network of farms to our customers’ doorsteps. Metro Tarkari’s business model has B2C and B2B aspects with increasing emphasis on the latter segment. B2R is also an active segment that is gaining traction.


10+ Collection Centers

Across Nepal

500+ Farmers

Positively impacted through Metro Tarkari's buy back guarantee intervention


Cold Storage Capacity

10,000+ Kgs

Fresh Vegetables Collected Daily


Customers served per day


Agricultural Trainings

Enhancing human capital skills within the agricultural sector, Metro Tarkari provides farmers with trainings related to production, packaging and grading of agriculutral produce. Our endgoal is to encourage a scale up in agricultural activities as a form of supplementary income generation.

Incentivized Organic Farming

Alongside skill development, we are also actively involved in promoting and incentivising local farmers to reduce their dependency on pesticides and focus on organic methods of cultivation for produce including tomatoes, potatoes, onions, bananas, mangoes and apples.

Market Data Sharing

Assisting farmers to optimize and streamline their agricultural output, the Metro Tarkari platform directely connects farmers to consumer and market data, ensuring that farm supply meets consumer demands.