Himalayan Essence is a Nepali skin and body care company that has been in the industry in various iterations over 30 years. It uses locally sourced and produced items, with emphasis on ayurvedic and herbal ingredients. The company is now aiming to redefine itself by introducing an upgraded suite of products and brands into Nepal’s import-dominated cosmetic industry, and is also creating other brands for export.


100+ Jobs

Provided to skilled and unskilled workers who are collectively engaged in production, administrative, operational, and supply chain management based roles

300 + Families

Invovled in the essential oil extraction business have been provided with livelihood opportunities

1000+ Families

From Banepa, Bhaktapur, and Bardiya provided with income generation for cultivating, collecting, and supplying natural raw materials

5000+ Retail

Points currently distribute Himalayan Essence products throughout Kathmandu Valley in Kathmandu

30+ Years

Of operation as Nepal’s premier personal care brand


Quality tested raw herbal ingredients


Market Creation

Himalayan Essence facilitated the creation of an internal market for locally available plant species such as lemon grass, titepati, rhododendron, marigold, aloe vera, and sandalwood.

International Skill Transfer

Through employing state of the art manufacturing processes, Himalayan Essence promotes the transfer of skill and training to local manpower from Indian and Korean technicians.

Skill Enhancement

Beauticians invovled with Himalayan Essence from districts across Nepal will also benefit from training and skill enhancement in the latter phases of product distribution and marketing.

Contribution to GDP

Currently, the personal care market is worth 1200 crores in Nepal. As a home grown brand, Himalayan Essence has the potential to be a significant contributor to the national GDP through curbing dependency on imported personal care products.