ETON is an aspiring EduTech company that specializes in designing and deploying ERP and front-end academic management and communication solutions for educational institutions in Nepal. “Sajhilo School Manager” is ETON’s signature product.

Milestones & Impact

Sajilo School Manager

Has Improved management systems of educational facilities positively impacting:








namely, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Gulmi, Itahari, Chitwan, Bharatpur, Gandaki and Kavre

35+ schools

of which 1 is public, 4 are primary and 30+ are higher secondary private schools


Trainings to Optimize Productivity

Initially, ETON Tech provides 15 hours of free training to school management, teachers, students and parents to help them understand the features of our digital product and optimize the productivity of their schools.

Improved Quality of Education

Over time, Eton aims to improve the quality of education provided by public schools, by helping them internalize new types of technologies and educational tools in their teaching format, so that their students can reap the same type of benefits that their counterparts have been receiving in expensive private schools.

Internalization of Digital Products

We have been assisting in the better management and efficiency of school units like accounts and finance department, administrative department, examination committee, staff room, teachers, students, parents, principal etc by minimizing their communication gap through the internalization of our digital product “Sajilo School Manager”.

Increasing Productivity

With regard to the utility of the digital product, the school management is the most active out of all the stakeholders and they have been experiencing better productivity since the adoption of our ETON’s ERP service.