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Nepal is a country blessed with some of the best off-road trails in the world. And these trails lead to villages and towns that are some of the most charming in the world. Most visitors to these places usually travel in small groups comprising their friends and family. But Imagine Nepal has sought to create a whole new approach to getting to these locations and celebrating the destinations: by assembling large convoys made up of bikers and four-wheelers who share a passion for tackling tough trails and for immersing themselves in the culture and history of the final destination and the stopover points along the way. This idea of convoy tourism, believes Imagine Nepal, has added a much-needed touristic offering to Nepal’s tourism sector.

The first edition of Imagine Nepal saw a convoy of 26 vehicles travelling, for six days, all the way from Kathmandu to Manang. The Imagine Nepal team chose Manang as their first destination for three primary reasons: 1) Manang’s rich cultural riches made for an unmatchable draw; 2) The trail up to Manang represented just the right sort of challenge the convoy riders would want to overcome; and 3) Through their choice, the team wanted to encourage more tourists to visit Manang too.

The second edition of Imagine Nepal took a convoy of 28 vehicles on a six-day adventure-filled trip to the fabled, ancient walled city of Lo Manthang. The Imagine Nepal team settled on Lo Manthang because it offers a perfect mix of rich history, culture and scenic sights. Starting around 1380, Lo Manthang was the capital of the Kingdom of Lo, until 2008, when Nepal became a republic. Besides, because Lo Manthang is home to the Lobas people, many of whom still maintain their traditional way of living, the convoy riders would have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a living culture and history. The scenic, challenging journey to the walled city was to make for an unforgettable Imagine Nepal adventure.

At Lo Manthang, the convoy members made an educational trip to the historic Chhosar Caves, took in live cultural performances and competed in an archery competition, among other activities. For the third edition of Imagine Nepal, the team headed even further west, to the shores of Rara Lake. Imagine Nepal will continue to explore destinations across Nepal and beyond. At all three destinations, the convoys were welcomed by huge crowds of villagers, whose members said they’d never seen such massive convoys of tourists visiting their village. They were right. The Nepali government has verified that the convoys were indeed the largest of their kind.

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Get Out!

The urban population goes out every weekend to the well-worn destinations: family restaurants, bars, clubs and everything else in between. Get Out is a project that focuses solely on creating a cohort of these weekenders and taking them to outdoor destinations, ideally, on the outskirts of Kathmandu. Besides the reluctant explorer, who’s more wont to exploring Kathmandu’s hotspots over the weekends, Get Out also caters to the outdoor enthusiast who loves to spend time exploring the great wide open, but cannot on their own. All they have to do is join the cohort and become part of the Get Out adventure. Get Out has taken these individuals (30+ on average) to Shivapuri, Markhu, Haatiban, etc. Some of these trips were overnight stays.

On average, an individual pays less than a dinner’s worth of expenses for one such event, and these participants come to experience a curated itinerary for the day/weekend. Get Out has exclusively tied up with San Miguel as the title sponsor for their events in 2018. They have also tied up with brands like Gymkhana, Volkswagen, and Suzuki to offer all-expenses-paid trips to customers so that they can reach more people and spread the message of domestic tourism far and wide.

Color Republic

In Color Republic, Nepal’s largest Holi extravaganza, the M&S Events team brings together large crowds of family and friends and stellar lineups of Nepali artists. The event is held at a choice locale somewhere in the periphery of the Kathmandu Valley. The first two Color Republic festivals were staged in Gokarna Forest Resort’s expansive driving range, and the third one was staged amidst the arboreal setting of the Godavari Village Resort. All three iterations of the festival featured popular Nepali artists (musicians, circus performers and so on), amidst a Holi-themed almost-fairytale setting for attendees to immerse themselves in colour, water and music. They also made for some of the largest crowds (upwards of 4,000 attendees) ever seen at a single Holi event.

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