Foodmario is a platform that connects home chefs with consumers who prefer eating home food.


Foodmario is a tech platform that connects freelance cooks with customers who prefer eating delicious “home food”, at affordable price points and with the added convenience of delivery. Foodmario is a C2C model.


Our vision is to infuse home food preparation and delivery into the sharing economy value chain. For this, we believe it necessary to convert the down-time of residential kitchens, non-professional home makers, and those with a love of cooking, into productive hours that can be monetized by using Foodmario. Our platform transforms necessity-driven freelance cooks into entrepreneurs who work from the comfort of their own kitchens or Foodmario’s cloud kitchens, on their own schedules, providing hygienic, high-quality, and specialised meals using Foodmario. Our aim is to ignite a new industry of freelance cooks and “home food” as an alternative to commercial restaurants.



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Women Empowerment

Foodmario helps empower women by giving them the opportunity to gain financial independence from the comfort of their own homes. This has indirectly contributed to a boost in their self-esteem and resulted in a positive change in gender dynamics at the household level.

Income Generation

The cloud-kitchen modaility has allowed for the conversion and synthesis of pre-owned assets like kitchenware, groceries, culinary skills into a means of generating passive income for homemakers and students alike.

Synergistic Growth

Synergizing the growth of the local startup ecosystem through collaborations with external entities including chef schools, Metro Tarkari, and ride sharing platforms.

Rohit Tiwari


The success we’ve had with Foodmario has amazed even us. In hindsight, though, ours seems like such an obvious market solution. - Rohit Tiwari