Nepal’s most trusted real estate platform

The real-estate sector in Nepal makes for a chaotic conundrum. It doesn’t help that many of the agents working in the business are not known for being the most scrupulous of operators. But amidst this milieu has emerged EXCOM, a new-generation real-estate company. EXCOM seeks to bring positive changes to Nepal’s real-estate sector and to change the prevailing notions about what a real-estate deal entails. EXCOM has, in its short existence, come to be seen as the trusted real-estate company in Nepal, who will shortchange neither buyer, seller, tenant or leaser.

EXCOM has won the trust of customers owing to the winning deals they close. They are able to conduct these deals on account of various protocols they adhere to. For one, they conduct deep research when vetting any property up for sale or rent. They also thoroughly vet all parties seeking to strike a real-estate deal. Then, they vet the real-estate agents who scour the market for deals and bring them to the company. And finally, they help ink fully transparent deals that all signatories are more than happy with.

Nirusha Rajbhandari - Marketing Executive

For Property Sellers and Landlords

Most online property-listing sites in Nepal post property information that’s usually not been verified. In many instances, the information is suspect, and oftentimes it doesn’t contain updated particulars. EXCOM’s listings are all verified, and every post features the latest information on the property on offer. Furthermore, because EXCOM has exclusive links with Nepal’s leading media outlets, they can disseminate the information across several media platforms. Excom also helps sellers and landlords present their property from, literally, every angle. They will send a team of photographers and videographers to the property location who will shoot all the details that buyers and renters would be interested in knowing about.

For Tenants and Buyers

Nepal’s tenants and property buyers usually have to wade into deals almost blindfolded. They don’t know whether they should trust the property seller or landlord. They don’t know if the real-estate agent is merely coaxing them into signing a deal that they can’t palm off onto other unsuspecting customers. And as for property history, there’s nothing for them to go on. To make matters worse, they will know next to nothing about the landlord and the seller. EXCOM removes all these hassles on behalf of the buyer or renter by matching them with properties and owners whom they understand make for the best match.

Rentals and value-added deals

Besides working with residential properties, EXCOM also works with commercial-space owners and those seeking to rent such spaces. For certain properties that EXCOM knows will need refurbishing, they will advise the client to do so. For some of them, they’ll suggest that they add amenities such as solar-power units and even arrange for security guards to man the site.

Managing Property

Many Nepalis who have emigrated abroad, or are working abroad, would like to parlay their hard-earned savings into property whose value will keep rising. For such investors, EXCOM will not only work out property deals but also manage the property on their behalf: they’ll take care of the property and find renters and buyers.

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