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In today’s Nepal, students spend a large part of their day away at school. Up until a few years ago, parents were compelled to depend on periodic reports from the school to get updated with their child’s progress and school-related activities. But with Eton Technology’s Sajilo School Manager getting increasingly adopted by larger numbers of schools, parents now have at their fingertips, access to everything they’d need to know about what their kids are doing during the weekdays. As for school officials, the Sajilo School Manager has helped streamline their usually byzantine management protocols.

Sajilo School Manager

Sajilo School Manager is, as the name suggests, a quick and easy way for a school to manage their activities and to inform parents of the same. The product has a web version as well as a user-friendly app. The software’s platform allows for interactions among school personnel and parents, and the information it presents can be shared amongst the teachers, parents and students.

The app allows easy access to report cards and daily attendance, school-billing information, updated class routines, information about extracurricular activities, and most importantly, the app also comes with a GPS tracking mechanism, via which parents can also track the location of the school bus their child is aboard.

Currently, the company has delivered the software to more than 90 schools, and they are looking to scale up very soon. The team’s vision, since the company’s inception, has been to make all of Nepal’s schools as paper-free as possible. They are working with schools inside Kathmandu Valley,and beyond too. Indeed, they would like to focus more on schools outside the urban areas because they believe rural schools need their help the most.

How the manager is implemented

Once a school signs the contract for Sajilo School Manager, they enter an incubation period of seven days, when the technical team updates all the data pertaining to the parents, students and teachers in their database portal.The software is customised according to individual institutions.

After a week, user IDs for all the parents, teachers and students are created and both the web and the app version go live. A Point of Contact is created in the school, and the technical team for Sajilo School will be the Super Admins of the software. Everyone else will use the app as needed, with an opportunity to use it as a straight communication route between teachers and parents too. As and when any new event comes up, the app will send push notifications to the concerned users.

Districts Reached

Schools use Sajilo

Prabal Pradhan - CEO

Sajilo School Manager was the brainchild of the late Roshan Limbu, Eton’s former CEO, who passed away at the end of 2017. The company’s Chief Technical Officer, Prabal Pradhan, is now also the acting CEO of the company.

The Future

The dream was always to focus on village schools, and the price point was thus accordingly set. Now, the company is adding to their network of schools. And because of the app’s great UI and ease of use, coupled with strong customer support, Eton sees a whole host of schools coming on board.

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