BELIEFS & Culture

At MnS, we believe in harnessing the power of our talents to promote a culture of tech-enabled innovation, synergy, growth and impact.

MNS prioritizes using its organizational belief and culture in fostering a positive and productive work environment, to create a win-win situation for everybody.

Flat Hierar5hical Structure and Synthesis

At MNS, we believe in internalizing a flat hierarchical structure, where every inter and intra team member from our 18 vertical companies, can interact with the CEOs of our portfolio companies, as per professional need.We also believe in undertaking a collaborative approach of synthesis where we have acquired multi sectoral, tech enabled startup interventions that are currently creating disruption in the field of agriculture, influencer marketing, food, technology, education, digital content creation, game development, canteen services, coworking culture, event management, tourism, business acceleration and the personal care industry.

Power of Synergy

MNS believes in the idea of creating greater value through the synergistic interaction, enhanced partnerships and collaboration of our verticals. So, the operation of all of our companies from the same building has fostered a culture of cross sectoral interlinkage, networking and skill sharing opportunities among our CEOs and other staff members, which acts as our comparative advantage.All of our verticals, have also been successful in diversifying their reach to a wide range of clients in the market, by collaboratively harnessing the networking potential which comes as a byproduct of working under the mentorship of a single unifying force,i.e,MNS Holdings.

We are a team of diverse workforce who work together on the mission of growing together


Bi-Weekly Productivity Assessment Meetings

We organize an Investment Committee meeting every fortnight, where the CEOs of all our vertical companies have a round table discussion and brainstorming session to assess their performance and facilitate enhanced productivity through counterpart interaction. MNS also believes in assisting our current and future partners in ideating, initiating, scaling and growing their businesses by adopting a qualitative and sustainable growth approach, through the investment of our time and resources in futuristic ideas,people and brainstorming.

Dynamic Talents and Networks

Since our company’s talent primarily belongs to a young population dynamics, our portfolio companies have significantly benefited from the creativity, vigour and enthusiasm of the youth, especially in a nascent startup atmosphere like Nepal.Also, we believe that investing in tech enabled startups can provide unprecedented opportunity for economic growth in the future of Nepal, provided that we can internalize the disruption happening in technology and innovation.

Two Day Weekend

We provide a two day weekend at MNS because as a company, we believe that people need to be given sufficient recuperating time to maintain a proper work-life-rest balance, which ultimately yields better productivity and attendance rate during the weekdays.

Post Office Hour Activities and Workshops

MNS aims to cultivate an interactive social dynamic among their talents post office hours. So, we organize annual retreats, creative events, musical nights, skill enhancing workshops, knowledge sharing events and so on; which helps our talents enhance their skill set and unwind after work.