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The Credo of Infinite Possibilities

Creativity is an infinite realm of possibilities that we can draw from, to shape solutions for any problem across the industrial and commercial landscape. Used intelligently, creativity can unlock the promise of infinite potential in any business sector. At Movers and Shakers, our creative teams revisit the existing status quo to deliver products and services that others have scarcely imagined. Our belief in this dictum has driven us to achieve everything we have. Given the markets’ infinite potential, our companies work in varied sectors.VMAG, our media company, is the undisputed leader in Nepal’s infotainment and new-media sphere. NEXT Venture Corp, Nepal’s most respected launch pad for entrepreneurs, provides all manner of solutions for startups, and businesses in various stages of growth. M&S Events taps into Nepal’s cultural, historical and geographical bounties to create unique adventure and entertainment packages. Uptrendly, Nepal’s first influencer-marketing company, is changing the face of advertising and digital marketing in the country. Foodmario, one of the world’s first companies to turn home cooks into home-chef entrepreneurs, makes use of technology, data and an extremely agile management model to operate a business that is priming to go beyond Nepal’s borders. Falfull, our brand of natural beverages, which sources its raw materials from Nepal’s pristine orchards, is disrupting Nepal’s beverage sector, by creating only healthful offerings. Le Guras, our apparel company, works with Nepali designs and Nepali artists to create clothing lines that are informed by a Nepali ethos that has heretofore not been imagined by other fashion brands. We have a host of other innovative companies—close to a dozen, in fact—who are similarly working with deliverables that continue to push the envelope.
And in the pipeline are companies that will work in areas yet uncharted.

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At Movers and Shakers, we know that we can’t be boxed into any pre-determined category. We understand that the market rules as presented to us are informed more by constraints than by opportunities, and that we can use our intelligence to come up with novel market practices. We believe that humans are actually limitless beings who only get weighed down by the  stasis of finitude if they lack the right imagination, the firmest will and the most exacting discipline to get things done. We believe that we all are beings endowed with infinite capabilities operating in a world that holds the promise of infinite opportunities.

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